Self Responsibility

Sincerely, radical self responsibility means that I am no longer a victim of my circumstance. I am no longer living in my old head that placed excessive amounts of limiting self belief upon a heavy heart. I am no longer permitted to play the old story and songs on repeat that believe I am not creative, I am not good enough, I am not skinny enough, not pretty enough BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

It means my internal world and experience of life is entirely my own responsibility. This is both exhilarating and excruciating at the same time. 

It also means taking complete holistic ownership of myself to find the crazy beautiful within me.  Basically - cleaning up your own shit!

It looks like no more victim game, doing away with the  blame game. What does blaming do anyway? Deflecting is a dick move.. it doesn't serve me and most importantly it doesn't serve my children.

I have been called to break the cycle of my parents and their parents. We come from a long blood line of issues and addictions and the radical self responsibility starts with me. Here, now.

It means my ongoing personal and spiritual development. Moving forward, breaking blockages, opening all chakras, self love, inner child healing, dealing with ongoing resentment and trauma. 

It means to have the courage to live large and no longer play small. Stepping into my true power as a woman. But there are many instances where I struggle to do this in my life.

I am not always doing it in my temper towards my babies. When I feel shit inside they often seem to take the brunt of it. 

I am not doing it when my husband and I continuously argue in front of the kids. This shows a huge lack of self responsibility. 

I am not doing it when I still resent my mum and dad and blame them for many of my adult insecurities for the way they raised me as a child. 

I am not doing it when I choose fear over love. 

But today I challenge you to seek the answers within and ask yourself where in your life are you playing the blame game.. dig deep into the sand and re open the conversation within you. 

I am and it feels good to clean up my own shit. ,

Corrine Tan Comment