Say yes to Love.


Love conquers all, love prevails war, it is the epitome of strength, love is the warmest feeling one can honour in themselves and love always wins. 

So why dear universe is love so tainted? why do we replace love with fear? why isn't their marriage equality? why is love only penned for the opposite sex? why are we having to ensure the pain of so much war and conflict, why when there is love is there also evil?

Can you imagine a world shaped like a love heart? a world where relationships grow like wildflower over summer terrain, when the person you chose to love forever turns out to be the one you grow old with just like the 85 year old lovers married for 50 years, walking down the street holding hands. That special, special love.

A love that all children receive when they are bought so selfishly into this world by adults that choose never to meet their innocent, precious face for even a fleeting moment. 

A love where creative living always conquers fear? Seeking a life with creative entitlement is a life rich in love, it means believing in your self worth, knowing your meant too be here to make others smile.

Putting it simply it means believing you are allowed to have your vision no matter how big or small. 

If we replaced love with fear, vulnerability instead of hiding away from our inner most insecurities, letting your hair down and not having any regard for the opinions of others, where would this world be?

It fascinates me on the human condition.. what makes someone love is what makes another hate; what drives one may deter another; how one person loves  to love - the other can not relate; what a perfectly - imperfect world of shere contradictions we live in. 

Is your greatest love your child; your art; your fitness; your cooking; travelling the world; your fascination for your pet; yourself; is it him?

Do you agree that everyone has to stick out a outdated marriage because it was once love.. are we entitled to walk away when we no longer make each other happy? 

My proverbial juice isn't always rightfully squeezed. So dear universe... I seek your truth. 

How do you practice love? How do you avoid the desire to poke the bear and start a fire within and without, how do you avoid conflict with your loved ones, how do you practice love in every instance over fear and anger. How do you agree to disagree?

I truly believe that as humans we need to do whatever brings us to life. We need to follow all of our internal dialogue and what is considered our fascinations.

Age has also taught me to trust my own heart. Many people are on a totally different journey to you. They will not relate and try to move you to their way of thinking. In my past, I have almost always doubted my belief system, my emotional intelligence and my heart space, because I was misunderstood time and time again. 

 Love is your own right. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. Start there and never look back. 

After all you can never get to courage without walking into your  own vulnerability. And remember,  just because a person may not be exactly as you want them to be, look for love. Not in their looks, what they wear, or what they say. Love them for what they are.


Corrine Tan Comment