Who have you always ‘secretly’ wanted to be? 

Can you think of a time where you got of the hamster wheel of the daily grind and maybe tried your hand at knitting, jumped out of a plane, swam with sharks or danced like no one was watching until your feet fell off? 

Can you think of a time that after all the bull shit palava of each passing day that you put fun & courageous living in your very ground hog day life?

Or what about painting a picture with your most prized water colours on a deserted dusty easel for the first time, in a long time, or cooked that mouth watering meal from one of your favourite old cook books that have not seen the light of day since 1992?

In this day + age it’s freaken hard to lead with your heart of hearts...

We have umpteenth responsibilities, soooo incredibly time poor and have the overwhelm of social media, online shopping & competing with the Jones’s down the road!

But if you couldn't fail, if a net of 'harp playing angels' were there to catch you softly and swiftly in a whimsical embrace who have you always ‘secretly’ wanted to be? 

In this age of reason we've got building blocks of boundaries that stop our creative green juices flowing. We are expected to be reliable, accountable, non judgmental, generous, show integrity, act our age, make the money for our honey's and the list goes on! 

It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ complexity of entwined cob webs, that keep us trapped in the puzzle of our busy lives and dumb us down to the day to day. No time for the creative mother herself to free flow her magic glitter dust into our lives. 

In this millenium we are more worried about who we can trust on a professional + personal level, how much thats ASOS handbag is worth and how many drinks we can consume without becoming cynical about how much better Princess Polly’s life is than ours!!

How splendid would it be, if we slowed our role and stayed in our own lane, count on no one but the better judgement of ourselves and created from our heart space instead of our very crowded head space? 

I am not saying that others don’t count, nor am I saying to become old mother hubbard that lived in her creaky crummy cupboard and never came out to play, what I'm saying is we need less time living in the real world and more time to do the things that make us want to scratch that itch. 

One of the biggest casualties we face these days is the feeling of failure. We fear disappointment and failure more than we dare to ignite our proverbial fire.

When we are creating for fun, there doesn't have to be an outcome, we don’t need to put our art on the exhibition walls of the closest museum, we don't need to dance like we are Beyonce. Just get naked and dance. To whatever, whenever. 

The struggle is too real as we put the weight of the universe on one pair of tiny shoulders. What's the worst that can happen if you fail? 

But as long as we stay in our integrity, leave the judgement at the front door, we can march to the beat of our own drum and the benefits of creating big or small far out weigh the alternative right...

This blog post for instance, it my finest, I'm not building a rocket ship or savings lives but this blog saved me from potentially chopping off my husbands balls tonight or harassing my kids to pick up toys before bed. Creating doesn't need an outcome, no one is going to die from a bad blog or a very average break dance but if more people spend time doing what they love, imagine the world today. 

Do you have the courage to bring back the treasures that are hidden within you? Let’s collaborate with our inspiration...

And in the words of the most epic writer of our time - Elizabeth Gilbert - if people don't like what you have created, smile at them softly and tell them to go make their own fucking art.

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