Keep hiding or start talking said her heart.

We are very close to a prosecution, ”Detective Superintendent Heart" told the the "Soul" of Corrine last week, upon announcing the $1 million reward of love hearts and self protection to herself, it's DO or DIE now said the heart. Keep hiding or start talking; live or die! The journey to find your personal worth will begin with the reward of freeing yourself from behind the bars of your mask, truth telling is your key to unlock all that is within and the journey to self enquiry. 

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Say yes to Love.

Can you imagine a world shaped like a love heart? a world where relationships grow like wildflower over summer terrain, when the person you chose to love forever turns out to be the one you grow old with just like the 85 year old lovers married for 50 years, walking down the street holding hands. That special, special love.

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