Helen Nuttall, Byron Bay. Corrine is honest, caring and compassionate.  

Kate Weatherley, Old Bar. I love that Corrine is so real, honest and a fabulous Warrior. Corrine inspires me everyday.

Janine Braams-Bowron, Mudgee. Corrine is so authentic, and has a huge hard work ethic. Corrine is a multitasker and so caring. 

Lea Moore, Byron Bay. Corrine is very kind, considerate and passionate about life and helping others. 

Sunny Dugbaza, Byron Bay. Corrine is so strong. Stronger than she gives herself credit for. Corrine is a free spirit and honestly has a heart of gold. When she shows passion and love to something or someone Corrine gives it her all. Corrine is so kind and I feel that words can't really capture the essence of her as a therapist and person.

Louise Smiles, Sydney. Corrine is a dedicated mum and her children Kingston Monroe & Gypsy are her driving force for everything she does. 

Rhonda Groneman, St Leonards. Corrine is so strong and has always been so positive and supportive when coaching me. Corrine is the essence of truth. 

Katharine Hudson, South Coast. Corrine is so kind and caring, she is loyal and so Sasha Fierce.

Jessica Clee, Gold Coast. Corrine is unapollogeticly authentic, she is raw and real and a warrior

Nadene Corcoran, Gold Coast. Corrine brings love to everything she does. Corrine is both loving, generous and a free spirit. Corrine has always been a good listener and true source of support ion my journey. 

Fiona Stanistreet, Byron Bay. Corrine is really authentic, natural and kind. 

Gemma Banning, Bondi. Corrine  creates a very open and nurturing space to be help and to feel supported on this crazy journey we call life. Corrine is very loving and compassionate. Her unique ability is to help others heal. 

Janice Maple, Byron Bay. In my experience Corrine is honest, true and very real.

Laney McGuire, North Ryde. Corrine is kind and loves like no other. Her loyalty to her climates is of so much importance. Corrine is loyal to a fault, a loving person and warrior mother and healer. 

Rebecca Currell, Brisbane. Corrine is a loving healer and she stands in her truth. Corrine is very inspirational and a source of strength.

Erika O'Dea, Byron Bay. Intuitive, compassionate and amazing. I would recommend her services to anyone that was interested.

Gretchen Hambly, Byron Bay. Authentic, determined, supportive and loving.