Self Love is the best love

 They say that if you love the life your living, then life loves you right back, kindness reaps kindness, gratitude reaps gratitude, risk deserves reward, music in your soul can be heard by the universe, karma is a religion.

So I ask you beautiful one, how do you honour yourself?

Let me lubricate your mind and start with my own self honouring and then I double dare you to do the same, say it in your mind, to your partner, in the shower, to me, however feels natural to you.. 

Corrine, your journey to NOW has been wobbly - like an old dusty wooden rocking horse missing a few screws, some have witnessed you at your very worst and at times you have felt like a derailed car crash of epic proportions but girl have you grown more than the average bear.

To grow you require love, light and water, nothing is softer or more flexible than water herself, yet nothing can resist it, just like the law of attraction positive energy goes where magic free flows.  Corrine I honour you for dedicating your life's mission to allowing flow to come naturally and move forward in whatever way it likes because if anyone knows you well, they know this is so much harder than meets the naked eye.

We are all creatures of our own conditioning so I implore you Corrine for wanting to travel the tracks with no fixed plans and no intent on arriving but yet you travel knowing you will never stop.. the earth under you feet, the journey of a thousand miles, the world your oyster. 

I pledge that my giving heart is by far my my grandest gift as I know giving love deeply fills my cup up so full with courage. People often mistake my kindness for weakness and I am here to send a clear message that its pure strength. I am born with a kind heart for the world over, this is my non negotiable.  

My mammoth breakthrough, I'm kind - except when it comes to myself - so I pledge to you all that I am going to start releasing myself from self sabotage and start moving forward with myself. Bridging the gap from negative self talk to self love. Practice makes perfect. I am a student of the light and a spiritual sweetheart so I dedicate my life to feeling good, the opposite is so much harder than you think.

Clarity & health is our natural state of being. It is natural for me to anticipate happy outcomes and love and sing and play with my open joyful heart. It is natural for us all as humans to want more and expand. 

I pledge to practise what I preach, talk is cheap without implementing appropriate action. Life is what we make it to be, there are gaps between my intentions and actions. I have realised that I shouldn't play victim between the circumstances I have created.  But before I can take action for my mistakes, I first need to acknowledge them. I acknowledge that I have made far too many mistakes to even bring forward because I led with fear instead of love. I acknowledge that out of responsibility becomes possibility. I would like to bridge the gap between playing the old story that was my life. I honour you for your vulnerability to show up. 

I show up in complete vulnerability, I put myself out there knowing others may judged but helping someone is my only intent. I am brutally honest, I go deep, I seek truth so I give truth trusting it will come back ten fold. Today I choose to practice an 'attitude of gratitude' as there is nothing more important than feeling good. My only intention is to shed & grow.  

My whole life, I have always showed up for others before showing up for myself. This comes very organically from my heart space. My usual inherent personality is one of giving over receiving. Since becoming a mother that primal part of my being has slowly chipped away, primarily circumstantial due to time, partly wanting to put myself first to self seek. 

My mantra is a to be a good person, I am going to look for as much fun, bliss & free flow as possible. I am going to dance as often as my feet allow, I am going to milk it with everything I have. I am not going to take less responsibility for how anybody else feels, only myself. 

So today dear friends, darling hearts, lovely bones how do you honour yourself? Make a list and if the list is short, change something today, something small, something big, just do anything you can think of that will change what you normally do in your day, something for you and only you.

You matter you are love and you count. Self love is a journey and not a simple destination. Wrap your arms around yourself and give your soul a hug and if you don't feel like it know that I am holding you from afar and loving you with all the love my heart implodes. 

I love you all.

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