The Loved Heart diary...

I strive for inner peace for my always energetic mind. To accept your fate is vanilla. To embrace change and take charge is bubblegum double scoop. 

I dream of working from cafes in New York whilst sipping on chai lattes, riding waves in far away beaches and dropping/picking up my children to school each day, their smiles meet with mine and they know that mummy is always their number one fan. 

To commute to the concrete jungle daily whilst doing a job I have done for years day in and day out for the rest of my energetic life would be suicide to my yearning soul. I dream big and I dream often - to own a horse, to be at one with nature, to own a new house, to have happy children, to own happiness in my health and my heart what could be better than that. 

My mission is to have the time to be present in the peoples lives that I love, to do the things I love to do more often.

My mission is to not take another day for granted and to never eat vanilla ice cream again. I work to live and not live to work. I make it my mission to love what I do, to mentor, nurture and use my adventures to create synergy and peace for myself and my chosen people. 

My wildlings will be proud of who their mother is now and what she will become. May I always make them believe that they can be anything they want to be and I will be everything I can be to them.  

May I never stop learning and growing into the woman I know I can be.  A leader, a talent, a driven and respected soul with so much happiness it infects the frequencies of all she touches.


Corrine Tan Comment