Are you a judgement junkie?

Think Real Housewives... do you have an alter ego of inner bitch that likes to scream down to others in her 6 inch red stilettos more than you care to admit?

Do you get off making others feel less than what you think you are.. drive a faster car, own a better house, wear nicer clothes?

Where do you judge and why aren't we all loving thy neighbour? I mean it's so easy these days, social interaction almost depends on it..

Did you hear about silly-sally-sassy-pants who got off her titties at a party and made out with all the boys behind the shed or the guy with the small penis from your less than admirable one night stand the night before...  Not to mention judgement of your family for everything they are not and all that they made you become or the girl at work not pulling off the latest trend of peach pastels this season or was it the length of your managers hemmed skirt that revealed a little too much leg in the fortnightly board meeting.

What about self judgement - it infiltrates the way you feel and sends you into body dysmorphia of epic proportions. Judging the way you feel you should  look amongst a bevie of beautiful babes at this weeks latest hot spot. 

Whatever + wherever judgement is at the forefront of society more than we like to admit.  It can feel almost exuberant to have a bitch with your bestie about how unfortunate some people may seem but deep down you have to question how does it really make you feel?

Because what you project out you ultimately get back ten fold. It's the law of attraction working + weaving her karma from behind double glazed glass doors as we all loudly sing the line of JT's old smash "What goes around comes around".

SO how can you release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life without the resting bitch face?

Your ING or 'inner guidance goddess' as I like to call her is always tapping away on the inside of your core helping you to love yourself so you can ultimately love others. To make decisions from a loving heart space as opposed to a fear based decision and to stop you from being a SOB to anyone that walks your path.

Social media has a huge price to pay for the keyboard trolls that venomously judge anyone with a pulse and even some who no longer have a pulse -(RIP) to defend themselves. Its a big bad world we live in at times. 

Reality TV (albeit my guilty pleasure when I have successive brain zaps) makes serious coin by putting a bunch of crazies in a house and allowing them to judge the absolute shit out of each other until they end up pulling out hair extensions and starting a rampage with fisty cuffs. 

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself I say...  I wrecked myself for majority of my adult life there is no denying that! No filter and saying things without speaking. I am not going to say it still doesn't happen and I often go into critical self judgement but you own it, fess up and say sorry. End of. Then I go about my day trying to find a better feeling thought every time a judgmental one creeps on in and scratches the shit out of a hard to reach spot on your back.

What's the alternative? becoming a cranky bitch with the perception that everyone is flawed? Is it that you are so envious and resentful of the happiness others may have, that it evokes feelings that you end up judging them?

I choose to leave my native motherland in Sydney and start a fresh afar because I felt like a lone wolf in the deserted winter snow. I let the judgement of others determine how I felt about myself.

Because when you truly honour yourself you honour others.

I feel confident that everything is as it should be.  I feel sensitive to the needs of myself and my children and I feel a sense of certainty in the pit of my stomach. It’s often when I know my heart space is shining ever so bright.  

So I ask you - what area of yourself do you need to soften, to drop the mask and to stop your critical mind? 

I am constantly running an inner monologue in my head on subjects like worthiness, appropriateness, self love, not feeling weak in receiving and not feeling fake in giving to others in anyway I can. People will run when you show them love, its like your talking chinese but if it makes you feel your highest good it will eventually do the same for them, one honest and genuine compliment at a time. 

As we work on ourselves, we work on our love for others because all judgement does is give you a judgement hangover and wrinkles in your frown lines so go on a judgement detox this week, love yourself first and the rest will follow I promise.


Corrine Tan