My reasons for creating The Loved Heart..

Corrine Lee here.  

My happy place are the simplest of things. My children’s pressed lips against mine, their arms around me wrapped so tight. A sultry breeze, the smell of lavender on my pillow, purple + peach sunsets,  deep connections, love quotes, chakra cleansing, words that stir up the beating of my heart, an unbridled wild stallion galloping its heavy hooves into the ground, horses are the essence of beauty & free spirit. The ocean, it’s serene brutality and the sexyness of salty wet hair, the humble, honest & real, the unapologetically authentic, the uncontrollable laughs of my tickly bambinos, long chats with my soul sisters over champagne, cheese and wine. Silence + alone time, chasing rainbows, a stamped passport fresh with ink of faraway places, spirituality, a kindred heart.

I have always known I was here to connect. Connection is the deepest part of me. I am sensitive beyond words and have a fathomless level of empathy for the human experience.

Not long after my first baby was born, I went through an insanely challenging time but this was nothing compared to the pre-natal depression I experienced whilst pregnant, a stigma no one really discusses. I had this with all 3 pregnancies and have suffered debilitating mental illness since my teens. I knew that 'deep down' this angst was from my wounded inner child that desperately needed healing.

So off I went to chase the rainbow I always dreamed of finding, but never quite knew how to search for.  I decided to get real (after having my babies) so instead of looking for the answers externally, I decided to go internally.

 Today I practice meditation, self inquiry and letting the love of my spirit guides pave the way. I have learned to try to live in the moment.

I have since become a qualified Energy Healer & Crystal Healing Practitioner but know I will be a spiritual student for life. Being a spirit junkie is my healthiest addiction thus far.

I believe I was put on this earth to help women show their vulnerability to the world instead of shy away from their light.  Some of the toughest times spoken out loud help you become the epitome of strength. 

My life, in it’s most authentic form is one big vulnerability hangover. I have to gently remind myself to be patient towards all that is unresolved in my heart. I often loose the battle but still stand to fight the war.

Corrine Tan